Cleansing diet – potential side affects

  The result of a cleansing diet change can produce initial side effects associated with detoxifying and changing PH levels.  Not everyone will experience all or any of the side affects and they are typically short-lived as the body excretes toxins and rebalances PH levels.  Side effects can include the following:- Headaches Nausea Food fixation […]

My eczema family diet plan

Healing the skin from within My little boy seemed to have all of the problem skin conditions that babies can get; cradle cap, weels, spots, dry patches and angry red blotches would appear and go, sometime lingering and worsening then clearing up.  His skin condition on the back of his knees, elbows and torso began […]


My favourite raw cake.  This is my birthday cake this year, enjoyed by family and friends.  I found this super easy to make.  Its a fab heathy alternative to a baked cake and more delish in my opinion!!  its by The Healthy Chef check out their other recipes.   What’s good about it: Red and yellow […]

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