About Leafie GOODfats

About Leafie GOODfats We are a company dedicated to providing premium, quality, traditional fats that form part of a real foods diet. Many Paleo, Raw, Atkins, W A Price, primal, Ketogenic health food programmes feature fats as an important component to achieving long term health, increased energy and weight loss goals.  The next step is to […]

Sources of Good Fats in our diet

Not all fats are equal.  There is a clear distinction between ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’. Good fats are essential to our health and fats from healthy sources must be included in our diets.  Good fats are called such because these can improve cholesterol levels, ease inflammations and promote a host of healthy body functions. […]

Good fats

Coconut oil, olive oil and butter or clarified butter are delicious fats that are also healthy for you, but the real original Paleo fats are animal fats. I know that a lot of people following a Paleo diet end up consuming those fats only very rarely partly because they are harder to find, but also because more work needs […]

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