5 top reasons modern living is causing allergies

5 top reasons modern living is causing allergies One in three of us suffer from allergies.   Allergies cause over 20,000 people in England to visit hospital every year.  Horse hair, egg, grass pollen, dog and cat hair, peanuts, shellfish, dust mites and latex allergies, grain, dairy, soya, gluten the list of allergies and intolerances in our modern world goes […]

Natural sleep aid tips

Natural sleep aid tips A good night sleep is essential to health, brain function and moods.  Sleep is especially important to growing children yet getting to sleep and staying asleep seems to be easier said than done. Reports show that insomnia is increasing in adults and that child sleep problems is a growing trending topic; kids suffering from […]

5 Stress Relieving Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herb Tips

The Stress Relieving Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herb The Holy Basil herb, also called Tulsi, could be the catch all natural remedy.  It has been used as a natural therapy for coughs, colds, headaches, stomach upsets and a range of other ailments.  Its fab stress relieving properties is the reason for its recent surge in popularity. 5 Stress Relieving […]

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