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Spiced Sunflower Seed and Pumpkin Bread

Spiced Sunflower Seed and Pumpkin Bread Makes 1 large 8 inch loaf or 2 small loaves Im getting my autumn groove on this year.  I’m loving the mild weather and the vibrant display of colours.  We’re so lucky that it has been relatively dry and frost free so far so that we can get out […]

Leafy meets Sir David Attenborough

Here is Leafy and Rudy meeting Sir David Attenborough at the grand opening of the Leicestershire Bradgate Park visitor centre. Leafy is well known to the Bradgate Park team who help support her ketogenic diet which controls her epilepsy.  It was such an privilege to meet Sir David.  He was lovely with the children, chatting away to them […]

9 Eczema essentials

9 Eczema essentials Eczema cases have mushroomed in recent years.  The majority of new cases of eczema are in children under 5 years old.  In fact 1 in 5 children now suffer from eczema in the UK. Atopic eczema is an inflammatory skin condition, characterised by dry, itchy skin.  Scratching the skin leads to skin red, sore, […]

Easy almond blueberry and lemon breakfast pancakes

 Easy almond blueberry and lemon breakfast pancakes We eat eggs from our own hens for breakfast most days, completely organic and free range with large yellow yolks, they taste absolutely delicious. Eggs are a brilliant source of energy, loaded with nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  Yolks contains cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids, making eggs the perfect […]

Praf Solanki – Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Praf Solanki – Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Introducing Praf Solanki, a fully accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy professional based in Leicestershire and working throughout the Midlands. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is often described as a supportive talking therapy.  CBT helps individuals to develop coping mechanisms to manage a wide range of mental and physical ill-health related behaviours and problems, […]

9 Skincare tips to enjoy better skin this winter

9 Skincare tips to enjoy better skin this winter     With biting winds, freezing temperatures and the central heating turned up its no wonder that our skin suffers in the winter season.   There are plenty of reasons to make skin health a priority during the cold months:-   Skin lacking in moisture becomes […]

Our Family Eczema Skin Healing Story – Catrin and her girls

Our Family Eczema Skin Healing Story – Catrin and her girls “Our family story……….. I believe that we are guided each second of the day if we notice.  Heres how a chance connection with a nameless mam at 1am on a popular social media page changed my life for the good. My second daughter was […]

Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Recipe

Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates I’m often asked for suggestions on how to take daily supplements on the keto diet. This Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Recipe is the perfect fat bomb recipe to maintain fat levels during the day, particularly for young keto dieters missing their treats or feeling left out at parties. The Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates are also very useful […]

Kombucha and Berry Real Gelatine Jelly

Kombucha and Berry Real Gelatine Jelly 6-8 servings Eating a small quantity of gelatine each day is of great benefits, particularly for skin and digestive health, as well as maintaining joint and bone strength, hair and nails and balancing hormones. Ingredients 2 tbsp gelatine (Great Lakes is made from grass fed cows) 2 cups fermented kombucha 2 […]

Real Gelatine Jelly

Real Gelatine Jelly Commercial jelly to me is just too sweet, suspiciously brightly coloured with an overpowering sweet smell. Generally shop bought jelly (jello) is made from gelatine sourced from commercially fed livestock of non-disclosed welfare standards. It’s loaded with sugars or artificial sweeteners, flavouring, colouring and preservatives. Any trace of the original goodness has […]