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Nourishing Traditional Organic chicken soup

Nourishing Traditional Organic chicken soup Organic chicken soup is a wholesome hearty staple of my family’s diet. Rich in easy to assimilate minerals and amino acids it has a warm, comforting way of soothing aches, stuffy noses and scratchy throats making it the perfect cold and flu season food.  Broths and stews have long been […]

No-bake Fudgy Chocolate Fridge Cake (Gluten-free)

A no-bake fudgy chocolate fridge cake (gluten-free) with raspberries and almonds that sets in the fridge and only takes minutes to make.  A fuss-free, no-bake chocolate dessert. Its easy to make and can easily be adapted to suit different diets; paleo, gluten-free, ketogenic, Modified Atkins. Its fabulously easy to make; melt, stir and pour, a short stint in […]

Paleo style courgette pasta with crispy bacon

I bought myself an inexpensive julienne peeler and love it!  I’m a big fan of making vietnamese salads, raw spring rolls and paleo noodles out of vegetables or courgette pasta dishes.  This little tool makes so many jobs in the kitchen so much faster.   If you’re looking for a peeler opt for one that […]

Super easy Paleo Spinach and Cheese dumplings

Paleo Spinach and Cheese Dumplings: A super easy and delicious italian meal or snack for the family and very portable to for lunchboxes or picnics. LEAFIE’S Dumpling Ingredients: 500g spinach 400g ricotta cheese 100g cheddar cheese 100g spelt flour 2 eggs 1 pinch of nutmeg Sea salt Sage butter ingredients: 100g butter or Tallow A handful […]