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Free online resources around improving family nutrition and health naturally

Praf Solanki – Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Praf Solanki – Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Introducing Praf Solanki, a fully accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy professional based in Leicestershire and working throughout the Midlands. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is often described as a supportive talking therapy.  CBT helps individuals to develop coping mechanisms to manage a wide range of mental and physical ill-health related behaviours and problems, […]

Gut, Diet and Neurological Health

Gut, Diet and Neurological Health   A healthy diet is critical to your physical and mental health.  A compromised digestive system can impact on your body systems and functions, including your brain, and ultimately result in physical and mental disorders and ill-health. The link between diet and mental health “is a very new field; the first papers only […]

Natural sleep aid tips

Natural sleep aid tips A good night sleep is essential to health, brain function and moods.  Sleep is especially important to growing children yet getting to sleep and staying asleep seems to be easier said than done. Reports show that insomnia is increasing in adults and that child sleep problems is a growing trending topic; kids suffering from […]

Shopping List

The Leafie Shopping List Looking to source quality foods and supplements? The Leafie Shopping List can help! The products and suppliers that I put in The Leafie Shopping List are only quality goods that I believe in and purchase from myself. Note that some of the links are affiliate links which means that if you choose to […]

Nourishing Traditional Organic chicken soup

Nourishing Traditional Organic chicken soup Organic chicken soup is a wholesome hearty staple of my family’s diet. Rich in easy to assimilate minerals and amino acids it has a warm, comforting way of soothing aches, stuffy noses and scratchy throats making it the perfect cold and flu season food.  Broths and stews have long been […]

Leafie’s top 5 family nutrition tips

Are you concerned about your children’s energy levels, mood swings or fussy eating habits but don’t know what first steps to take to improve your daily nutrition intake and long term health outcomes? Get started today with our top 5 family nutrition tips Replace sugar with natural sweeteners and use in moderation.  Try raw local […]

Leafie’s free online resources around improving family nutrition and health naturally

Where to begin on your journey to improving your family’s nutrition and health? Leafie provides a range of free resources to start you on your way to improving your family’s understanding and diet so that you can become empowered and begin to make changes to improving your habits and overall long term health.