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5 vital reasons to take care of gut health

  The health of our stomach has much more influence on our mood, immunity and skin health than previously thought.  Our often taken for granted gut is a vital portal to the body, processing an enormous variety of food and drinks, absorbing nutrients and protecting the body against toxins. The gut is the largest component of our body’s […]

Children and a healthy skin diet

Children and a healthy skin diet Im a big believer in tackling skin health holistically and diet is a huge part of my approach. I am often asked how I get my 2 children under 4 years to eat their veggies and healthier foods, I might be lucky but there are some tips to make […]

A healthy skin diet

A healthy skin diet What you put inside your body for skin health is more important than what you put on it. Emollients, creams and other skin care products cannot alone repair and restore skin when the body is burdened by excess food, particularly unhealthy sugar-laden foods and beverages. An overly taxed digestive system can […]

Leafie Skin Aid Balm – testimonials

Our favourite testimonials from Leafie Skin Aid Balm aficionados. Rob F, Rutland, UK, Nov 2013. I was really surprised at how quickly the Leafie Skin aid started to work on my skin. I’ve had eczema all my life, especially on my fingers. After a period of heavy but necessary steroid cream use, my skin eventually […]

Top online eczema resources

  Here is our top selection of resources that we find practical, informative and factual about living with and managing eczema. Were always interested in researching more, so please drop us a line with yours.|   Resources, guidance and charities Eczema Outreach (Scotland) – Supporting people with eczema and their families. National Eczema Society (UK) – Provides advice […]

The beauty of traditional tallow

Traditional tallow skincare Once an essential skincare treatment valued for its abundance in calming and healing properties, traditional tallow has fallen from favour.  Tallow contains fat soluble vitamins and steric acid that are not found in this form in non animal sources.  With fantastic soothing, moisturising and healing properties it’s a wonder that this isn’t […]