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girls-drinking-smoothie2THE 1 MONTH ECZEMA DIET CHALLENGE 

During October 2014 we challenge you to change your family’s diet and lifestyle, to eat cleanly and put aside (or in the bin!) those inflammatory glutens, sugars, dairy and processed foods.

The ‘Eczema’ diet is a supportive programme based on anti-inflammatory eating for autoimmune conditions such as Atopic Eczema.

This eating programme is founded in the complimentary Nourishing Traditions and GAPS dietary protocols and is specifically designed to reduce the stress on the body’s digestive system allowing the body to begin to heal and to replenish the essential micro flora within the gut. This Challenge is suitable for families with young children.



The 1 Month Eczema Diet Challenge requires a commitment to change your family’s normal eating habits for one month. This is the minimum time required to begin to adapt your eating habits, approach and lifestyle and to start to adopt cleaner eating habits.

This is not a diet as such, more a means to kick start a new way of learning about foods that work for the body and avoiding those that don’t, providing you with the tools to manage your family’s diet to improve their health.

The real test of the Challenge will be how you continue after your month. To realise the full potential of this way of eating you will need to continue to progress and improve your family’s eating habits.

This Challenge does require you to remove regular foods from your diet that you may have come to depend on, therefore a commitment is needed from you to take this on board, to try this approach and to see where this journey takes you and your family.



Eczema Diet Guide
A step-by-step guide to introducing the anti-inflammatory diet.

Information on the Eczema diet
How the diet works and the background

Featuring recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation that are tailored to children’s nutritional needs

Email support
You will be contacted by email as you progress through the stages of the Challenge to check on headway and respond to your questions.

Private Facebook Community Support
It helps to have others to network with and to discuss progress or just to chat. You will be included in a private Facebook group of others engaged on the same Challenge at the same time, so that you can support and encourage each other, during and after the challenge.

A shopping list
A list of essentials to make the changes to your new diet and items that you will need to make the recipes provided.


Always speak to your medical professional about your child’s specific health issues before embarking on medical or dietary changes.



Leafie aims to inspire and support other families to start their own health journey and to achieve long-term health for their children.

Committed to improving children’s health problems through diet Leafie has been working with specialist GAPs, Paleo and Nourishing Tradition dieticians researching and implementing paediatric diets.








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