Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Recipe

keto chocolates recipeMacadamia Ketogenic Chocolates

I’m often asked for suggestions on how to take daily supplements on the keto diet. This Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Recipe is the perfect fat bomb recipe to maintain fat levels during the day, particularly for young keto dieters missing their treats or feeling left out at parties.

The Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates are also very useful for disguising and dispensing a range of supplements on a daily basis.  I use our own Goodfats Tallow, produced here in the UK, for stability at room temperature and nutrient content.  Like any other natural animal derived fat (lard, ghee, tallow) it has a neutral taste and a creamy yet stiff texture that requires working to warm and soften, or melting as in this recipe.

Here it is, my current favourite keto chocolate recipe, with my list of hidden supplements:

Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Recipe

Makes 26 large chocolates
4:1 ratio

Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Ingredients

1 cup GOODfats Tallow 
1 cup Organic Light Tahini
3 tbs Cacao Powder
2 tbs Raw Organic Honey
 15 drops Peppermint Oil
26 (1 for each chocolate) Organic Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Supplements

These are the supplements that I curently add to our children’s Macadamia Ketogenic Chocolates Recipe.  they are to boost immunity, reduce inflammation and support their specific health needs.  Please consult your registered dietician or health specialist before supplementing.
12 capsules Life Plan Bifi-Dophilus Probiotic powder capsules
10 capsules Green algae

10 Potassium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate capsules
3 tbs Vitamin B Complex
7 drops Oregano Oil
We usually add 10 NAC capsules as well, but we’ve run out! They taste the nastiest of the supplements we give and the peppermint hides it very well.


Gently warm first 4 ingredients over hot but not boiling water stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until liquid.
Allow to cool and add in peppermint oil while warm and still liquid but not hot. and mis in.
Next add in any supplement liquid, oils or capsules that you are using.  To add capsules you must open and empty the capsule contents in.
Be aware that some supplements taste much worse than others and although peppermint oil will disguise many, some are very bitter and should be used moderately.
Add additional small amounts of Peppermint oil and / or honey to taste as needed to mask flavours.
Place a nut in each mould and then spoon your mixture into your preferred shaped ice cube trays or chocolate silicone moulds to make various shapes.
Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight until completely solid.
Pop each chocolate out of the moulds and store in fridge or freeze until eating.