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I’m Claire, a Nutrition Advisor based in the UK.  I started to work with other mums, families and individuals to help them to achieve their own health and diet goals.

I turned to diet to help my own children’s health with amazing results. I applied autoimmune diet principles to help my son’s eczema. His skin, which had been red, angry and raw for over a year cleared up within weeks and his alopecia and urticaria (hives) have not returned.

When my otherwise healthy daughter was diagnosed with a seizure condition, made worse by the heat in Australia, I again turned to research and found the Ketogenic diet.  This incredible high fat low carbohydrate medical diet transformed our lives.  Our daughter’s seizures decreased within hours and continued to reduce over the next days, weeks and months.  Her sleep and behaviour improved, so did her balance and she is managed medication free by diet alone.  Quite an achievement considering where we were with her health.  The keto diet has other benefits too, including improving and protecting cognition and is being trialled and used as treatment for wide ranging neurological and cancer conditions.  Fascinating stuff!

These experiences have shown me that there is real power in nutrition. The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is true and our health can be supported by the food we eat and lifestyle we live. is named after my happy, vibrant daughter and reflects my passion for sharing what I have learned through my experiences and training as a Nutrition Advisor.

Claire x

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