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Your 7 Low Carb Starter Tips towards a low carb healthier lifestyle.


  1. Sugar & Flour are main culprits in the modern diet. Regularly eating foods containing refined flour and sugar may very well contribute to a wide range of health problems; weight gain, blood sugar imbalance, energy and mood lows, which in turn can lead to more serious diet induced health problems. Removing sugar and grain flours is the basis of going ‘low carb’. Replace these foods with natural health nutritious foods can be a kep part of transforming health, weight and nutrition significantly.
  2. Ditch the sugary drinks. These liquid sugars can spike your blood sugar levels rapidly, triggering an insulin and glucose blood sugar rollercoaster affect that over time can damage health. Fruit juice, codial, squash, flavoured milk, sweetened mylks, chocolate and energy drinks should all go! Replace with water, herbal teas, infused waters, some smoothies.
  3. Sweets, chocolate bars, biscuits, cakes, sugary treats and snack bars, even the ‘healthy’ fruit based bars need to go. They are packed with sugars, some now replace the refined sugar with coconut, raw or fructose sugars. Some replace sugars with artificial sweeteners, which are best avoided as the consequences to health are not fully know yet. Replace with snacks that are full of good fats and fibre; think seeds, nuts and sour cherries.
  4. Baked goods made with refined grains and often poor quality fats; breads, cakes, crackers, pastries, pasties, pies. We need to replace these empty ‘filler foods’ with nutrient dense delicious foods.
  5. Cereals are typically highly processed, full of sugar and fortified. Cereals generally lack nutrients and healthy fats so do not provide sustainable energy. Eating this type of sugar high, refined food early on in the day is likely to lead to mood and energy lows, as well as carb or sweet foods cravings mid-morning, as the sugar high causes blood sugar levels to crash.
  6. Taking foods away is one thing but replacing them is important too! Main meals should be mainly made up of vegetables or salads, with a portion of oily fish or grass-fed meat and a source of health natural fats.
  7. Start today. Take one meal at a time, starting with breakfast and making as many changes as you can.It may take you some time to change over to a low carb lifestyle or you could be able to make a big change quite quickly, this will depend on the level of motivation you have.  Either way each improvement that you make to your diet counts towards improving your overall health.