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Claire McDonnell Liu

Nutritionist and Health Coach

Introducing Claire McDonnell Liu …

Claire (Nutr), is a practicing Naturopathic Nutritionist based in beautiful Busselton, in the South West of Western Australia.  Originally based in Leicestershire, UK, Claire has experience treating patients in the NHS, private medical practices in the UK and Australia and in her private clinic.

A former Environmental Consultant Claire retrained as a Nutritionist following her experiences of using ‘food as medicine’ to help her own young children overcome debilitating eczema, alopecia and epilepsy. 

Claire has over 10 years experience in delivering Ketogenic and restricted carbohydrate dietary support and training, for weight management and patients with diabetes or prediabetes. She is a regular content contributor to Low Carb Down Under, The Nutrition Coalition, USA, and an Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration, UK charity. 

She most enjoys helping families and individuals to gain control of their health and weight, with straightforward guidance, accountability and resources. 

“There is nothing like working with a client to help them to shed weight and improve their blood sugar control while enjoying their foods again, no will power battles, no more shame”.

Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist and Educator

Low Carb and Ketogenic Diet Specialist
Qualifications and Merits:
Certified MHFA Youth Mental Health First Aider
Diabetes Care and Management – Taunton University, UK
Safer Healthcare for Australia’s First People – Griffith University, Queensland
Nutrition Dip – Healthcare College, UK
Royal College General Practitioners Type 2 Diabetes Low GI Approach
Food Safety CIEH, UK
Nutrition Network Professional Training, South Africa
Public Health Collaboration Ambassador for the Midlands, UK
Matthews Friends Ketogenic Diet Charity Representative, UK
Charnwood Health Visitor Team Peer Supporter, Leicestershire, UK
PGDip Environmental Sciences UK
Occupational Health Dip, UK
Author of the Sugar Free Family online course, with Prof Tim Noakes, Dr David Unwin, Dr Peter Brukner



Nutrition Network training (affiliate link) for healthcare professionals by the wonderful Noakes Foundation in South Africa.  This excellent training resource presents the latest evidence and best practice in dietary support for weight management, pre-diabetes, diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome.

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Public Health Collaboration

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