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Liv And Rudy Meet David Attenborough

Leafy meets Sir David Attenborough

Here is Leafy and Rudy meeting Sir David Attenborough at the grand opening of the Leicestershire Bradgate Park visitor centre.

liv-and-rudy-meets-david-attenboroughLeafy is well known to the Bradgate Park team who help support her ketogenic diet which controls her epilepsy.  It was such an privilege to meet Sir David.  He was lovely with the children, chatting away to them and even knelt down to chat to him, despite having had 2 knee operations in the last year!


Leafy has been on the modified version of the ketogenic diet for 2.5 years.  I can’t say enough good things about her keto ‘diet’ (that sounds like a weight loss term).  As well as drastic seizure reduction and excellent control there are a number of additional big benefits to her overall health.  Her diet provides all her nutrient, mineral, vitamin and essential oil needs, more so than most children on a typical conventional western diet, her immunity and energy levels are great and the diet improves cognition!

The amazing thing is that diets can make a real difference to people’s lives.  Changing the way you eat and making adjustments to your lifestyle can in many cases improve health conditions.

There is not one diet that suits everyone, but most of us could make adjustments and see improvements. Whether that is for improving energy, feeling less run down, improving fertility, losing weight or managing a health condition; epilepsy, depression, eczema.  I firmly believe that diet has a role to play for all.

Don’t neglect those lifestyle factors to, I recommend taking a walk today in the very beautiful Bradgate Park, today if possible!