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Spicy Cashew Snack

Active and Delicious Spiced Cashew Nut Snack

Active and Delicious Spiced Cashew Nut Snack

Nuts are an ideal snack.   They are crunchy, crisp, delicious and an extremely nutritious snack.

Nuts contain a variety of important nutrients such as calcium (found in almonds), magnesium, vitamin E and fibre. They are also an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

I love activated nuts!  The process of ‘activating’ nuts imitates a natural sprouting process where the nut is pre-soaked for around 7-12 hours then left to dehydrate. This process decreases levels of anti-nutrients such as phytic acid. Phytic acid is a compound that is found in the hulls of all nuts, seeds, and grains, which can bind to important minerals, such as calcium, iron, and zinc, and can limit their absorption in the body.

Raw or activated – nuts still remain one of the most convenient and nutritious snacks. Nuts can be stored in jars in your cupboard, packed up into lunchboxes for work, or even fumbled into your handbag as a quick pick-me-up-nibble.


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