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Healthy Weight Plan


Start your own Healthy Weight Plan!

Struggling with losing or maintaining a healthy weight?  Then you are not alone, 63% of the UK population are overweight and our obesity rates have doubled over 20 years.  All this despite more people than ever following different ‘diets’ at one time or another.

Following your payment you will receive a short questionnaire, which we will use to generate your ideal healthy weight plan.  We require your age, gender, height, weight and any information on allergies.  We will then produce your tailored guide, to include:-

  • Personalised 14 Day Plan
  • Weekly planner
  • Weekly meal and snack recipes
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Explanation of foods and top tips
  • Access to our supportive Facebook community
  • Open access email support
  • £32 (just £3 per day)


Dieting can produce wonderful results, but diets are very difficult to maintain and often the weight piles on at a greater rate than before once they’re over.

We believe that the key to you achieving your ideal weight is in fostering a healthy relationship with foods that serve you well.  For many people this can be to unlock the fat storage cycle, with a positive real food lifestyle.  Where harmful highly refined and processed foods are swapped for meals and snacks that are balanced in low starch carbohydrates, fibre providers, good fats and protein sources.  Sounds complicated?  Well it needn’t be, as we do the research, planning and recipe guides for you.

Start your Healthy Weight Plan today!  This is certainly is not a calorie counting low fat weight loss fad diet, but the beginning of a change in your relationship with food and the end to yo-yo dieting cycle.  Go for it!


For more information or an initial chat email us at [email protected]