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Tallow - The Original GOOD Fat

About Leafie GOODfats

organic grass fed hormone free grazing stockAbout Leafie GOODfats

We are a company dedicated to providing premium, quality, traditional fats that form part of a real foods diet.

Many Paleo, Raw, Atkins, W A Price, primal, Ketogenic health food programmes feature fats as an important component to achieving long term health, increased energy and weight loss goals.  The next step is to replace these fats with only healthy nutrient dense stable nourishing fats.

By eating real food we naturally increased our fat intake whilst losing weight, feeling less hungry and increasing our energy levels.  Replacing processed and sugary ‘low fat’ foods with real fats won’t harm our health but improve it.  Many of us already understand this simple truth, that eating fat does not make us fat; the gourmet chefs, real foodies, Paleo/Primal People, GAPs and Weston A Price’s subscibers, Low Carbers, Ketogenic followers and keto parents, Fitties, Parents Who Care, Atkins and Nourishing Traditions eater and the people that care about traditional farming and husbandry know that we are on to something significant.  Real unadulterated fats that retain the essential nutrients eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet as opposed to a processed low fat refined processed diet is the way to optimise our diet and health.