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Detox Blueberry Smoothie

Super Detoxing Blueberry Smoothie

detox-blueberry-smoothieThe Leafie Detoxing Blueberry Smoothie is super good for you!  It has fab healthy ingredients that are  perfect to zap together to head off the beginnings of a cold or when you’re low on energy.

This green / blue smoothie is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and essential fatty acids for the prevention of premature ageing and detoxification of the liver and skin.  It also contains flax, an excellent source of fibre and coconut water, with abundant electrolytes and it just tastes amazing!


  • 1½ cups coconut water (JT’s Coconut Essence coconut water)
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • ½ cup mango
  • 1 cup kale
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • ¼ avocado
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed

Blend all ingredients and serve.