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Tallow - The Original GOOD Fat

The Traditional GOODFat Superstars – Tallow

GOODfats Tallow delivery to farmers market

GOODfats Tallow delivery to farmers market

When it comes to fats nut, seed and vegetable oils gets all of the attention.  

Smooth and slightly sweet, coconut oil has become the glamorous starlet of the health food industry in recent years. It is a fame that has been deservedly won, with metabolism-boosting medium chain fatty acids and an impressive trace mineral content, there is no denying that coconut oil is highly beneficial. Many other plant-based oils have fab health boosting properties, depending on how they are sourced and produced.

Yet there is another all-too-often ignored fat with very impressive health properties that shows tremendous promise in fighting inflammation, quelling disease and stabilising appetite.  A very stable fat with a high smoke point making it excellent for all cooking and baking including high temperature frying. What’s more is this is locally produced and sustainable, it supports local organic farming communities, does not impact on rainforests and their endangered precious animal and insect species, does not require air miles. The fat is Tallow. Good solid stable tradition tallow.

Tallow is derived from the inner fat that protects the internal organs of sheep and cows. Sounding less sexy now? It often retains a musty yellow aroma and taste and is a mild yellow or dark cream in appearance. That it is animal derived in a world obsessed by plnt based engineered health superfoods, this combined with its status as a dreaded saturated fat and its connection to cholesterol has sealed it fate as a natural fat of yesteryear.

In many countries, tallow is making a small celebrated comeback. Admired for its nutrient stability, long shelf life, high smoke point, unique flavor and the luscious quality it lends to grilled foods and baked goods. According to xxx expert Dr. xxx, tallow has even recently surpassed soybean oil as the most widely used oil in the world.

Tallow fat – the forgotten traditional healthy oilorganic grass-fed hormone-free high welfare local and sustainable

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Tallow - the original GOOD fat

Tallow – the original GOOD fat

Tallow has nourished traditional cultures for centuries imparting valuable nutrition and wonderful flavour to a wide variety of cooking.


I heartedly subscribe, along with a growing number of health experts and real food movements, liberal use of traditional animal fats in the kitchen to promote health particularly in growing children.


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