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Dieting can produce wonderful but often short term results.  Calorie counting diets are difficult to maintain, once the diet is over the weight can pile on leaving you in a worse place than before you started.

The key to you achieving and maintaining your ideal weight can be as simple as unlocking the blood-sugar and fat-storage cycle with a positive real food lifestyle, also called ‘low carb’ or ‘low GI’ (glycemic index).

Real Food Lifestyle

The real food or Low Carb approach helps you to swap sugary and highly refined foods for natural foods, focusing on low starch carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fats.  The aim is to improve blood sugar control, to prevent storage of fat and helping to release your body’s fat stores.

* A GP and NHS supported approach to weight and diabetes control.

Healthy Weight Plan

Healthy Weight Plan

Start your own Healthy Weight Plan!

You will receive a short questionnaire, which we will use to generate your ideal healthy weight plan.  We require your age, gender, height, weight and any information on allergies.  We will then produce your tailored guide, to include:-

  • Personalised 14 Day Plan
  • Weekly planner
  • Weekly meal and snack recipes
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Explanation of foods and top tips
  • Access to our supportive Facebook community
  • Open access email support