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Low Carb Diet Tips

Are you look for help to get started on your Keto or Low Carb diet?


Getting started on your low carb diet can be quite simple.

Essentially low carbohydrate eating starts with cutting out sugary and starchy foods.  Replacing inflammatory filler foods with nutrient dense real whole foods.  A simple rule of thumb is to focus in on eating more low carb vegetables, combined with healthy fats and sources of protein.

The trickiest part for some is understanding which foods contain added sugar and which are the starchy foods to remove.

Here are our top Low Carb Tips to get you started on your low carb journey:

  • Completely cut out any soft drinks, including fruit juices and replace with water or milk (raw organic milk preferably but that is for another post).
  • Cut out obvious refined carbohydrates, so no; pasta, bread, crackers, pizza, crisps, snack bars, confectionary, sweets, cake, biscuits, potato products.
  • Eat carbohydrates with fibre in its natural form, meaning eat vegetables and salads, as the largest portion of your plate.  See Leafie’s recipes such as Paleo style courgette pasta with crispy bacon recipe
  • Whenever possible prepare your own food so that you know what it contains and exactly what has been added.
  • Research and source foods that will work for your family, visit farmers markets and join food buying groups to reduce the price of ordering healthier organic whole foods.
  • Enjoy the fascinating and energising road to rediscovering eating naturally.  There is something very special about eating food that you have prepared with your family, knowing that all of the food is loaded with goodness and that you are passing on good health habits to your children.

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