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Paleo Courgette Pasta Bacon

Paleo style courgette pasta with crispy bacon

Paleo courgette pasta bacon

Paleo courgette pasta bacon

I bought myself an inexpensive julienne peeler and love it!  I’m a big fan of making vietnamese salads, raw spring rolls and paleo noodles out of vegetables or courgette pasta dishes.  This little tool makes so many jobs in the kitchen so much faster.   If you’re looking for a peeler opt for one that will slice finely, I look for one that can do a fine julienne.  A ton of different vegetables can be julienned into long strips and steamed, braised or sautéed as mock noodles or pasta; squash, carrots, courgettes.  I also use this handy little tool for making gratin, fries, hash browns, frittatas and various salads, julienne mooli makes a great salad base and beetroot strips an excellent flavour addition to any salad.

This recipe features zucchini paleo pasta, which combines beautifully with Italian flavoured sauces.  Omit the walnuts to make this recipe autoimmune protocol-friendly.  This recipe makes enough for 3-4 hearty side dish portions.  Alternately, you could add some grilled steak, prawns or chicken and turn this into a main dish for two.  If you don’t have an oversized frying pan (a kitchen must-have) you could try using a wok, I love my green Earth Wok (a lid will be needed for many dishes).

There’s something so satisfying about a long skinny slurpy noodle or pasta, especially if it is a carrot, turnip or a broccoli stem noodle topped with butter and garlic or your chosen sauce.  My kids LOVE these recipes and always clean up when I serve them up.



  • 4 large courgettes (zucchini) (about 2 pounds)
  • 2 tsp Sea Salt (to salt the courgete)
  • 4 tablespoons of Tallow or organic coconut oil
  • 3-4 rashers of organic bacon – nitrate free
  • ¼ cup chopped fresh basil
  • 2 large garlic cloves, crushed
  • ½ cup chopped Walnuts (optional)


1.    Finely julienne courgette lengthwise to create long strips of courgette.  Toss with salt in a colander and let sit in the sink for 1 hour.

2.     Fry bacon rashers in 1 tablesppon of the Tallow to your preferred finish, I prefer crispy so slightly overdone.  Leave to cool then cut into strips.

3.    Rinse the courgette very, very thoroughly (have a taste to make sure it’s not salty at all).  Drain on a tea towel or paper towels to get rid of as much moisture as possible.

Saute gently in tallow oil

Saute gently in tallow oil

4.    Heat remaining Tallow in an oversized frying pan over medium heat. Fry bacon rashers to your preferred finish, I prefer crispy so slightly overdone.  Add garlic, bacon and courgette and sauté, stirring frequently until courgette is  cooked “al dente”, about 5-6 minutes.

5.    Toss in basil and walnuts (if using) and cook another 2 minutes, stirring a couple of times.

6.    Serve!

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