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Family preparing healthy food

Are you concerned about your children’s energy levels, mood swings or fussy eating habits but don’t know what first steps to take to improve your daily nutrition intake and long term health outcomes?

Get started today with our top 5 family nutrition tips

  1. Replace sugar with natural sweeteners and use in moderation.  Try raw local honey, maple syrup or rapadura
  2. Drink more water and eliminate fizzy and soft drinks from your diet.  Try infused water and whole raw milk as alternatives
  3. Replace vegetable oils (poly-unsaturated) and margerines (trans-fats) such good fats such as butter and seed and nut oils such as Extra Virgin olive oil and unrefined coconut oil.
  4. Increase the  fresh, organic and whole foods in your intake to take the place of any daily convenience items (boxed, packaged, prepared and canned food items)
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