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Mark’s Daily Apple – The Keto Diet

In this piece we explain the benefits of a well planned Ketogenic diet, how we now support others to use ketogenic diets for their weight and health, and some of our favourite Keto recipes.

It is great to connect with others in the movement to tackle prevailing health, diet and fat myths.

Full article here

Real Healthy Kids interview, with Sally Gray of Real Healthy Kids

Sally interviewed us on our personal experiences of overcoming our children’s chronic health conditions, of epilepsy and eczema, and how Claire now work in the field of nutrition, supporting others to use food as medicine Click here to see it!

This interview was by Sally Gray ND, at Real Healthy Kids.  Sally is based in Dunsborough, Western Australia, and has been working to support families improve their own health with nutrition and stress management for over 20 years, she is a phenomenal asset to the family health field and a wonderful friend and support to us.

Keto Diet interview, with Red Goat Film Co

In this interview by Red Goat Film Co, for the amazing Matthews Friend’s UK charity Claire chats about her experience with the ketogenic diet, its advantages as well as some of the difficulties of using keto diets.  Listen for some top tips on keto diets.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER, at The UK’S Ketogenic Diet College

Claire had the privilege to be invited as the keynote speaker at Matthews Friends annual Ketogenic Diet College, Surrey UK.

She shared her experience in planning and applying a Modified Ketogenic Diet, what ketogenic diets involve and how to adapt and prepare keto recipes.

The event is internationally renowned with inspiring international professionals training to deliver keto diet therapies for epilepsy, oncology and neurological patients.  #Foodismedicine

Keynote Speaker, Midlands NHS Neurological Grand Round Meeting.

Claire was invited to present to Neurologists, Paediatricians, Dieticians and other NHS health professionals at the UK’s Neurological Grand Round Meeting in Leicester, UK.

She presented on how a family can prepare and implement a modified keto diet, the potential benefits and barriers and gave advice to others thinking of using keto diets.