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There are many types of eczema, which can vary in severity but often display symptoms of red, inflamed and dry skin.  Our oldest child suffered for years with severe eczema, which is now well controlled, so we have a particular interest in researching, trialling and reviewing different products that aim to help to relieve these skin conditions and the personal care products designed to be mild enough not to exacerbate.  Read our tips to alleviate childhood eczema.

Psoriasis can be brought on by a number of factors including stress.   There is currently no cure for psoriasis, so for psoriasis in children the aim as with other scaly skin problems is to manage the symptoms with the help of a topical application of a cream such as Hope’s Relief Cream.  Read treating psoriasis in children (Source: National Psoriasis foundation).


Our tried and tested:

Hope’s Relief Cream (60g £14)

Hope’s Relief Soap Free Cleansing Bar (110g £7.99)

Hope’s Relief Shampoo (200ml £13.99)

Hope’s Relief Conditioner (200ml £13.99)