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Leafie real food and produce UK

When getting started on the road to eating well you will need to find local suppliers of great quality foods and products.  I have been building my list up over a number of years, buying and trying foods, meeting and getting to know farmers and producers visiting their real food farms, shops, deli’s, restaurants  and market stalls. It has been a very enjoyable road of discovery, learning about different foods and supply issues, seeing small companies flourish, making good friends along the way and eating heartily of course!

Here is my Leafie list of highly recommended superb quality small scale food producers, I hope you find it useful:

Raw milk suppliers UK
Suppliers provided by Simkin Solutions Ltd


Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurised or homogenised and is associated with health benefits claims because of this, as it has retained its naturally present enzymes, nutrients and beneficial bacteria.  There are approximately 200 producers selling raw milk.  It is typically sold directly to consumers at the farm, farmers’ markets or through a delivery service.

fruit veggOrganic and bio-dynamic meat, eggs, flour, bread and selected vegetables
Sold directly to the public from Kent and Sussex and Leics farms. Via Jacobs Ladder Farms

Suma Wholefoods Co-op
Fantastic foods and products available throughout the UK

Tree Harvest
Organic food and products supplier, UK

Tori and Ben’s Farm
Grass fed rare breed quality beef, lamb and pork meats supplied direct to the public
Woodhouse Farm • Isley Cum Langley • Diseworth • Derbyshire • DE74 2QQ
Tel: 07884 112812 Email: [email protected]



Can you please let them know where you heard about their amazing produce!