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RESET your health with our low carb starter plan.


Commit to making a change to your health and outlook by embarking on the RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN.

Embrace new clean whole foods and put aside (or in the bin!) highly processed glutens, sugars, dairy and refined foods for 14 days.

The RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN is a supportive plan designed to kick start healthy eating habits based on anti-inflammatory eating for health conditions, such as Atopic Eczema, allergies, digestive problems, bloating, weight loss and management.




The RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN is specifically designed to reduce stress on the body’s digestive system, allowing the body to begin to heal and to replenish essential micro flora within the gut.

BENEFICIAL helping to improve a wide range of health conditions, including; asthma, eczema, weight control, ADHD, frequent infections, allergies, behavioural problems.

The RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN requires a commitment to change your eating habits for 14 days.  This is the minimum time required to begin to adapt eating habits and your approach to foods.

This Plan is a means to kick start a new way of learning about foods that work for the body and how to avoid foods that don’t, providing you with the tools to manage yours and your family’s diet to improve longterm health.

Available at £28 (£2 per day) until 14th January 2018
£45 from 15th January 2018



    Your guide to introducing the RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN, explaining the importance of certain foods in the diet and why others are excluded.
  • Recipes
    Featuring recipes that support digestion, reduce inflammation and meet nutritional needs.  Recipes are suitable for children and adults and have all been tried, tested and enjoyed!
  • RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN shopping list
    A list of the diet essentials to make the changes to your diet and items that you will need to make the recipes provided.
  • RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN to exclude
    A list of the foods and drinks to exclude during the diet period.  Foods that may be difficult to digest or are linked to inflammation.
  • Private Facebook Community Support
    It helps to chat to others embarking on similar food journeys.  You will be invited to join our private Leafie Facebook community, where we support and encourage each other.
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  • One to one Consultation
    See if one to one consultations would work for you with a complimentary 15 minute Skype or telephone nutrition and health consultation


Once you have purchased your RESET – 14 DAY GUT HEALTH PLAN you will:

  • Receive confirmation of your purchase and instructions by email on how to get started.
  • Take a look at the recipes and key ingredients listed.
  • Get started enjoying your new foods and the start of your low carb gut boosting journey!


Always speak to your medical professional about specific health conditions before embarking on medical or dietary changes.

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