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Our Low Carb Family bakers

My Low Carb Family

Changing your family foods can have a powerful impact on your health, as our family is testament to.

We turned to diet to help our own children’s health with stunning results.

Applying gut healing low carb diet protocols resolved our son’s red, raw chronic eczema.  Following this change in foods his skin cleared completely within 3 months and remained clear.

When our otherwise healthy daughter was diagnosed with a seizure condition, made worse by the heat in Western Australia, we researched and started her on the Ketogenic Diet.  This incredible high fat low carbohydrate diet drastically decreased her daily seizures within days and continued to over the next weeks and months.  Her sleep, balance and overall health improved dramatically too.  Her seizures are controlled by diet alone, quite an achievement from a disastrous health situation.

The Keto Diet

The keto diet has other benefits too; cognitive and brain function improvements and long lasting energy release.  This amazing low carb high fat diet is now used as treatment for wide ranging mental health, seizure, diabetes, weight loss, metabolic health and cancer conditions.  It is also the choice of elite athletes to support their training.  Amazing stuff!

My personal and professional experiences have clearly shown the real power in nutrition.  The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is true and our children’s longterm health is determined by the everyday foods they eat today.

Our Family Story

– Interview with Sally Gray ND, Real Healthy Kids

Justin and I share our experiences of overcoming our children’s chronic health conditions, epilepsy and eczema and how I now work in the field of nutrition, supporting others to find their own diet and lifestyle path.  We chat with the eminent Sally Gray, Real Healthy Kids.